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kaitlinbell's Journal

20 October 1988
External Services:
  • kaitlinbell@livejournal.com
  • bedlam murmurs

name: Kaitlin
age: 19
occupation: barista/nerd
writing lj: kaitlinbell_inc

I am:
an expert rambler, a word lover, paranoid, easily pleased,
infatuated with intelligence, sarcastic,
a lover of slash and fanfiction, in love with original worlds,
easy to excite, lazy and lacivious, stupidly shy,
borderline schizophrenic, chronically forgetful and ditzy,
quick to smile, slow to anger, ready to please, and reluctant to fight.

I love:
reading, writing, role-playing, day dreaming, slash, diet coke,
sleep, creating characters, waxing poetically, photography,
old buildings, my cat, sarcasm, independent films,
aesthetic and hidden beauty, words, languages, little known facts,
coffee, yellow skys, eyelashes, scarves, wordy novels, rhetoric,
warm, fuzzy blankets, long discussion, Bully,
and the lovely feeling of fingers on my neck.

I despise:
bigotry, hypocrisy, poorly hidden manipulation, stupidity, guilt,
conflict for dumb reasons, childishness, milk, stereotypes,
people who look for trouble, black and white thoughts, football,
being cold, weak coffee, and holier than though attitudes.

Harry Potter
Ouran High School Host Club
A Separate Peace
Silent Hill

Harry/Draco, Albus Severus/Scorpius, Severus/Remus,
Marco/Dylan, Marco/All, Gary/Petey, Jimmy/Petey,
Gord/All, Kyouya/Kaoru, Kyouya/Mori, Hikaru/Kaoru,
Finny/Gene, Gene/Leper, PyramidHead/self/everyone

Original Fandoms:
Coalescence © paper_inc
Altruistic © somnus_nemoris

Original Projects: © kaitlinbell_inc
Mountain Ash
Project Insomnia

Lucky/Sakey, Alaric/Sakey, Lucky/Sakey/Alaric,
Caim/Seygue, Lucky/Seven, Lucky/Alaric, Score/Viral,
Rider/Sveta, Hollis/Sweden, Sterling/Terrence,
Sterling/Nightingale, Terrence/Brawley, Sasha/Terrence,
Lucky/Felix, Lucky/Michael, Lucky/Mel, Vesper/Carlisle

(Sakejét, Alaric, Seven, Caim, Score, Viral, Rider,
Sveta, Hollis, Sweden, and Sasha © paper_inc)

Schism Arcana Soul-D.
Fallen. Demonology. .
Pandect. Grayling. YWAM.